Whether you are able to join us for the whole Celebration weekend or not, there are many registration options for this year’s MWDC to suit your schedule and needs! Please find pricing and registration via PayPal below.

You can also e-mail us at admin@meditationinmadison.org with your name, e-mail, and phone number, and pay the registration fees the day of the Celebration via cash, check, or credit card. If you register via e-mail and pay day-of, please include the name(s)/age(s) of any children attending with you.

Celebration Weekend – $130

Friday Only –$15

Saturday Only – $85

Sunday Only – $45

Children Under 8yrs – Free

8 to 15yrs* – 50% of celebration fees
*Please scroll down for instructions on children’s registration via PayPal


Adult Registration
Will Children Be Attending With You?
Name(s)Age/Number of Children

Hotel Booking
(all funds go directly to the
International Temples Project)

Children’s Registration (8-15 yrs)

Children’s Registration: If you will be attending the Celebration with children and registering via PayPal, please follow the instructions below.

1. Register yourself using the “Adult Registration” drop-down menu. Select “Yes” and write in the name(s)/age/number of children attending with you.

2. At this point, provided you have completed the child information in the “Adult Registration” drop-down, you can pay for your children in person at the Celebration. Children under 8 years old are free, so no further action is necessary.

2a. To expedite day-of check-in, however, you can pay for your children (8-15 years old) via PayPal using the “Children’s Registration” drop-down menu on this page. If you do this, please note their name in the text box. To register multiple children, return to this page and complete the form again, either before or after checkout.