The Midwest Dharma Celebration is a very special annual event that connects practitioners around the Midwest. This relaxing weekend of practical teachings, guided meditations, and blessing empowerment nourishes our spiritual life and increases our capacity for boundless inner peace and happiness. If you are new to Buddhism, the Celebration weekend provides a perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and experience of Buddha’s teachings.

Gen Kelsang Demo, Midwestern US National Spiritual Director, will grant the Empowerment of Buddha Manjushri, who is the embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas. By relying on him we will naturally increase our wisdom, especially our wisdom realizing selflessness. The empowerment is a special blessing ceremony and beautiful guided meditation through which we make a powerful connection with Buddha Manjushri. Through this deep connection, we can quickly develop our own enlightened wisdom, and grow in our capacity to bring enormous benefit to our family, friends, and the world.

Wisdom Buddha Manjushri has a special place in Kadampa Buddhism. Je Tsongkhapa, the founder of the tradition of New Kadampa Buddhism is an emanation of Buddha Manjushri, as is the Dharma Protector of this tradition, Dorje Shugden. By receiving the blessings of Buddha Manjushri during this empowerment we will naturally draw closer to Je Tsongkhapa and develop the wisdom to understand his teachings and put them into practice in our daily life.


All International and National Festivals and Dharma Celebrations are hosted by KMCs and KBCs, and many are held in Temples for World Peace. All profits from all these events are dedicated to public benefit through the International Temples Project (ITP). Simply by attending this and any Kadampa Dharma Celebration you are helping to bring peace into the hearts of this and future generations.

Each year there is an International Temples Day on which Kadampa centers worldwide celebrate theĀ ITP.