Get the most from your Dharma Celebration experience.

The Midwest Dharma Celebration 2020 will center around teachings and practices related to Buddha Prajnaparamita. To get the most from the commentary and teachings, and to continue your practice afterward, you’ll find the following sadhanas (meditation prayer booklets) helpful:

* Yoga of Great Mother Prajnaparamita
* The Great Mother

You may also like to read more in the book:

* The New Heart of Wisdom

Order Locally

Support your local Kadampa center by ordering from their bookstore, when possible. In addition to books and sadhanas, many also carry meditation essentials such as cushions, malas, incense, and more.

KMC Bloomington

Local pickup is not available.

Please order directly from Tharpa Publications.

KMC Chicago

Curbside pickup; credit card payment by phone or online invoice.

Call (312) 767-1898 or email

KMC Indianapolis

Curbside pickup; online payment.


KMC Madison

Curbside pickup; credit card payment by online invoice.

Call (608) 661-3211 or emailĀ


Order directly from Tharpa Publications, with special bundles tailored to MWDC 2020.