Midwest Dharma Celebration 2020

The Midwest Dharma Celebration is a very special annual event that connects practitioners from around the Midwest. This incredible weekend of practical teachings, powerful meditations, and energizing empowerment is an event not to be missed. If you are new to Buddhism, the Celebration weekend provides a perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and experience of Buddha's teachings.

This year, Gen Kelsang Demo will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Prajnaparamita, also known as "the Great Mother", who is the embodiment of the perfection of wisdom of all Buddhas. We will receive inspiring teachings on improving our wisdom and overcoming the obstacles that prevent our spiritual development. By applying the instructions presented over the weekend in practical ways, we can gradually accomplish the wisdom and bliss of enlightenment. Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend any part or the entire Celebration weekend!

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